Black Salt Powder Sprinkler (Kala Namak Powder), 200gm

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Ciba Black Salt Powder Sprinkler

Black salt powder, also known as kaala namak, is a healthier alternative to white salt. In India it is widely used during fasting and praying. Black salt is good for people suffering from high blood pressure.

Black Salt is a type of Rock Salt. Ciba Black Salt Sprinkler is extensively used in Indian cuisine like:- fruits salad, chutneys, raita, pani puri, roasted peanuts, nimbu ka achar, aam panna, black chana, chaats, cashew nuts and many more cuisine because of its distinctive taste. Ciba Sprinkler gives you the ease to use as much you required on your cuisine.






  1. 5 out of 5

    This black salt in sprinkler is very useful and good.

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