Mixed Achar Masala Powder Mixed Pickle Masala Powder 200g

Mix Achar Masala Powder (Mixed Pickle Powder), 200gm


Mix Achar Masala Powder

Simple steps to make Mix Achar:-

For 1 kg mix achar take carrot, lemon and raw mango – 300 gm each & 100 gm green chilli. Cut carrot in slices (par boiled), lemons & raw mango in small pcs and green chilli in half. Add 200gm Ciba Mix Achar Masala Powder and mix well. Put them in a glass container & add 2 tbsp mustard oil. Shake the container in every 3 day so that the achar becomes soft & absorbs the masala well. Do this for 25-30 days. This masala canĀ also be used for making Chilli Pickles, Raw Mango Pickles, Lasode Pickle, Ker ka Achar, etc.


Top Tip:- Do not use wet spoon/ hands while taking out the achar from the jar.

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