Moong Whole (Sabut) 500gm

Moong Dal Sabut (Whole) 500 gm

Moong dal is also known as Mung Beans, Green Grams, Golden Grams, etc. It is one of the healthiest pulses available in the market. It is often included in one’s diet when they aren’t feeling well. It is easy to digest and helps strengthen the immunity.


Unpolished Moong Dal Sabut (Whole)

Ciba brings you original, untouched, unpolished and naturally delicious moong dal whole, procured directly from the farms, to keep you in good health without having to compromise with the taste.

Benefits of Moong Dal Sabut:-

  • Good for skin and hair
  • Good for stomach
  • Strengthen the immunity system
  • Regulate blood pressure, etc.



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